Stage 6: Valuation of the classification system

A large feasibility valuation study will be undertaken. The new measure is being valued using the EuroQol Valuation Technology (EQ-VT) vs 2 protocol. This employs composite time trade-off (cTTO) and Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) using computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI).

EQ-VT is being administered using a modified version of EQ-PVT (Portable Valuation Technology) which is administered via PowerPoint. Modificaitons take into account the new classification system which is longer than EQ-5D. EQ-VT protocol includes quality control checks which are also being employed in the valuation of the new measure.

Valuation includes a pilot study in two stages. The first stage was a small qualitative study (n=19) where participants undertook valuation of EQ-5D and the new measure in order to provide information on the feasibility of: valuing a longer measure, valuing a measure with a mix of health and wellbeing and using EQ-PVT for the valuation.

Semi-structured interviews were undertaken to generate information on the feasibility of valuing the new measure. In addition, the information was used to modify the EQ-PVT script as appropriate.

The COVID-19 related restrictions led to a pause in the project. This was resumed with a move to online interviewing running EQ-PVT as normal focusing on the new measure only.

Participants completed seven TTO tasks and seven DCE tasks. The DCE tasks was modified to allow fixing of some domains. This was tested using 20 interviews before moving to the originally planned second stage of the pilot with 50 interviews undertaken in the general populations. The pilot will be used to inform the feasibility valuation study (n=500).

In addition to the EQ-VT approach, valuation will also take an innovative deliberative approach. Members of NICE Citizen’s Council will be invited to take part in a two-day workshop where they will undertake individual valuation of the classification system. They will also review the results from the main valuation study.