Stage 1: Establishing the domains for the measure

Stage 1 was aimed at identifying the domains for the instrument. This was based on a review of the qualitative literature and psychometric analysis of existing data. A conceptual model was developed to support this process. Feedback from consultation with different groups was also provided.

Methods and reports

Conceptual model

Aim: Develop a conceptual framework to support the development of the measure

Methods: Adaptation of an existing model

Results: Working conceptual model

Qualitative review

Aim: Review qualitative literature on how conditions or circumstances that can be influenced by health and social care affect quality of life

Methods: Targeted review of qualitative literature across four arms (Generic measures, Health conditions, Informal Carers, Social Care users) [Protocol (PDF, 992KB)]

Paper: Mukuria, C., Connell, J., Carlton, J., Peasgood, T., Scope, A., Clowes, M., Rand, S., Jones, K. and Brazier, J., (2022). Qualitative Review on Domains of Quality of Life Important for Patients, Social Care Users, and Informal Carers to Inform the Development of the EQ Health and Wellbeing. Value in Health.

Feedback: Summary feedback (PDF, 198KB) from governance groups and response

Psychometric analysis

Aim: Analyse existing measures to support qualitative review process in identifying relevant domains

Methods: Psychometric analysis generic measures using the Multi-instrument Comparison (MIC) data

Results: Summary of results from the psychometric analysis [Video]