Stage 2: Generate a list of potential items

A pool of items was generated to capture the agreed domains. The list was derived from an initial long list generated from a review of existing measures, constructing new items or modifying items from other instruments to cover any gaps. Selection and generation of the items was based on item generation criteria drawn from the literature.

The aim of this stage was to identify a number of items for each sub-domain in order to inform psychometric testing in Stage 4. Over 80 items were generated and taken forward to the Stage 3 (Face Validation).

Methods and reports

Item selection and generation

Aim: Identify and generate items for the domains and sub-domains developed in Stage 1

Methods: Review of items and generation of items methods protocol (PDF, 928KB), video and item selection criteria (PDF, 771KB)

Paper: Carlton, J., Peasgood, T., Mukuria, C., Connell, J., Brazier, J., Ludwig, K., Marten, O., Kreimeier, S., Engel, L., Belizán, M. and Yang, Z., (2022). Generation, Selection, and Face Validation of Items for a New Generic Measure of Quality of Life: The EQ Health and Wellbeing. Value in Health.